MOMA Merit Cum Means Based Scholarships

Introduction to the Scholarship
The merit cum means based scholarship schemes are introduced with the main objective to provide financial assistance to the poor and meritorious students who belong to the minority communities to enable them to pursue professional and technical courses. These scholarships are available for the candidates to study the courses in India and will be awarded through an agency designated by the state government for this purpose. 

Some of the common features of the merit cum means based scholarship are given below.  

1.       The 30% of the scholarships are earmarked for the girl students.
2.       The applicant’s family should not have more than 2 students.
3.       The students should have secured not less than 50% marks at the higher education/graduation level.
4.       The continuation of the scholarship depends on the successful completion of the previous years.
5.       The application for the release of fund from the state department must be received by the date of Ministry of minority affairs by the date of September 30th.  
6.       The scheme is implemented through the state government or the UT administration.
7.       The scheme is to avail the scholarship from not more than one source. 
Scholarship Provider

The scholarships are being provided by the Ministry of minority affairs. The scholarships are intended to the use of poor students who wish to pursue their higher education and get better opportunities.  

Scholarship Duration

The scholarship is intended for the duration of the study course. The fellowship amount will be given to the students who are pursuing short term courses for the particular amount of time, or for the period of professional courses.  

Scholarship coverage

The scholarship coverage is given as below.

The scholarship covers the maintenance allowance along with the course fee. It depends on the scholarship hostler and the scholarship day scholar. The scholarship course fee is around Rs.30000 and the scholarship course fee is Rs.25000.     
Eligibility Criteria

The candidate has to satisfy the eligibility criteria to avail the fellowship.

1.       The students who have got admission in a recognised college to pursue the technical/professional course on the basis of competitive examination.
2.       Selection of the candidates can be also done without any examination. They have to obtain the marks not less than 50% in the higher secondary.
3.       The scholarship holder under this scheme cannot hold another scholarship. 

Application Process

The application form is processed in the prescribed format to the secretary of the department of the concerned state Govt/UT administration which are dealing with the minority welfare through the institutions where the students are pursuing the professional/technical courses. 

The student should submit their applications to the state which he/she belongs to and not to the state where the institution where he will be studying/is studying is located.   

Further information

The further information is available on the website

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