PhD Research Position in Computer Science at Shiv Nadar University in India

Scholarship details
The applications are invited from the international candidates to pursue the PhD research program in the field of computer science at the Networks Research laboratory in the School of Engineering, Shiv Nadar University. The minimum requirement for the candidate is to possess a bachelor’s degree in computer science, electrical engineering or any related field of study. The exceptional candidates with master’s degree in mathematics or physics will be considered for the scholarship position of PhD. The university provides the tax free scholarship of Rs.45400 per month and free accommodation should be given to PhD students. All the international students who are eligible for the PhD research fellowship can apply to the PhD fellowship.  

The applications are invited from highly motivated individuals for pursuing PhD in Computer Science. The applications are invited on a rolling basis. There is no deadline. The PhD admissions are basically done during or in the beginning of January and July every year. All the PhD students are considered for a supervision of the post graduate students and should be in a position to teach them. 
Study subjects

The PhD positions are available in the field of computer science.  The research area focuses on the field of wireless networks, cyber physical systems, real time communications and greening through information and communications technology course level. 

Course level

The students are to required for a PhD research fellowship in computer science.  

Scholarship Provider

The scholarship is provided by the Shiv Nadar University. 

Scholarship can be taken in

The PhD research fellowship position can be pursued by the successfully selected candidates at the Networks Research laboratory, New Delhi, India.  

Eligibility criteria

The candidate has to satisfy the following eligibility criteria for the above mentioned position. 

1.       The minimum requirement for the PhD position is a Bachelor’s degree in computer science, electrical engineering and a related field.
2.       The candidates with exceptional talent and a Master’s degree in Physics and mathematics will also be considered.   

Duration of the fellowship

The fellowship may be initially for a period of one year which may be extended for a period of five years depending on the finds availability.

Scholarship coverage

The scholarship/ PhD research fellowship offered is for a tax free stipend of Rs. 45400 per month and free accommodation to PhD students. All the PhD students are expected to help the students with teaching and should enrol in teaching assistantship. 

How to apply

The candidates should apply to the Shiv Nadar University along with CV’s with a brief summary of research interests to the email id 

Further Information

The further information can be obtained from the below link.

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