TANA Foundation’s Graduate Scholarships for Telugu Students in USA

Introduction to the scholarship
The TANA foundation of the USA is inviting applications from the Telugu people who are currently residing in Andhra Pradesh to pursue higher education in the USA for every academic year. These graduate scholarships are mainly targeted towards the Telugu people to fulfil their aspirations and gain from the scholarship. The recipient is covered with scholarship amount every semester upon the submission of the grades which were received during the previous academic semester of the year. Seven scholarships are offered every year to the Telugu students by the TANA foundation. 
Scholarship Provider

The graduate scholarships are provided by the TANA foundation. 

Scholarship Coverage

The scholarship amount for the candidate is $500 per semester.  

Eligibility criteria

The candidate should satisfy the below eligibility criteria to avail the above mentioned scholarship. 

1.       The candidate must have been admitted to a graduate school at an US university in the current academic year.
2.       The students who are already present in the USA are not eligible to apply for the scholarship.
3.       The candidate should showcase the need of financial aid. The candidate will be assesses not merely on the information provided by him/her alone but by all the possible resources known to TANA foundation regarding the candidate’s profile.
4.       The recipient must promise to support financially, through TANA foundation, a new Telugu student from Andhra Pradesh within three years of arriving in the USA.  
5.        The recipient must be in touch with TANA foundation on half yearly basis until such promise is fulfilled.   

Application Process

No formal application process is required for the TANA foundation scholarship. The email applications and the scanned documents supporting your application should be sent to the email id: prasadkakarala-at-yahoo.com.
The application rules and regulations are to be downloaded from the official website.
The hard copies can also be sent along with the supporting documents via airmail. 


The selection criteria of the candidate are given below. 

1.       The need of the financial aid of the candidate.
2.       The candidate has to secure good grades, merit, and recommendations.
3.       The candidate score in standardised tests like GRE, TOEFL etc.
4.       The reputation of the graduate school at the US which provides the admission to the student.
5.       The field of study which the applicant has chosen to take part.
6.       The various extracurricular activities the candidate has taken part in. (The selection committee will involve non-telugu speaking people to avoid any bias with the selection, the truly meritorious students along with the needy financial aid candidates are encouraged to apply). The student’s financial need is assessed not only on the information provided by the candidate but also the TANA foundation’s own sources at the Andhra Pradesh.  


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