TATA Innovation Fellowships for Indian Students in India

Scholarship details
The department of Biotechnology, Ministry of science and technology is inviting scholarships for the position of innovation fellowships for the Indian students. The fellowships are available for Indian scientists with an outstanding track record in biological sciences. The candidate should have a deep knowledge and commitment towards finding innovative solutions to major problems such as in health care, agriculture and other areas which are interrelated to life sciences and biotechnology. 

The TATA innovation fellowships are offering around five fellowships. The duration of the fellowships is for a period of three years initially which can be extended for another two years based on a satisfactory performance and a fresh appraisal based on a candidates performance.   

Study subjects

The fellowships are given to recognised and rewarded Indian scientists with outstanding track record in biological sciences and should be able to provide innovative solutions in healthcare, agriculture and related subjects such as life sciences and biotechnology. 

Course level

The scholarship is basically a three year Fellowship programme. 

Scholarship Provider

The scholarship is provided by the Department of biotechnology, ministry of science and technology, India.  

Scholarship can be taken in


Eligibility criteria

The candidate has to satisfy the eligibility criteria for the above mentioned fellowship. 

1.       The applicant should be an Indian citizen below the age of 55 years.
2.       The applicant should hold either a master’s degree in medical sciences, engineering, equivalent degree in biotechnology/related sciences or either a PhD degree in life sciences and agriculture, veterinary sciences etc.
3.       The applicant should have been present in India for at least from the past of five years.
4.       The applicant must have a regular position in a University/Organisation/Institute and should be involved in research and development.
5.       The applicant if is a holder of another fellowship, the candidate has to opt for only one of the two fellowships.

Scholarship applicable to 

The scholarship is applicable to the Indian nationals. 

Number of awards

Five scholarships are being offered every year by the providers. 

Duration of awards

The fellowship is initially for a period of three years which can get extended for another period of two years.  

Scholarship coverage

The value of the scholarship is Rs.25000 per month in addition to providing with the regular salary from the host institute. The candidate if is an awardee of the scholarship grant from an international organisation, he will be entitled for research grant i.e. contingency alone. 

Each fellow will receive a contingency rant of 6.00 lakh per annum to meet the expenses on consumables, equipment, international and domestic travel, manpower and other contingency expenditure which will be incurred while pursuing the research project.  

How to apply

The applications have to be forwarded to the following address

Dr. A. K. Rawat, Joint Director, Department of Biotechnology, Block-2, CGO Complex, Lodhi Road, New Delhi -110 003. 

Further information 

The further information can be obtained from the following website

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