TWAS-CSIR Postdoctoral Fellowship Programme for Developing Countries in India

Introduction to the scholarship
The council of scientific and industrial research (CSIR) is providing fellowship programme for developing countries scholars. TWAS-CSIR postdoctoral fellowship programmes are tenable in the CSIR research institutes and laboratories for a minimum period of six months and maximum period of twelve months in India. TWAS postgraduate fellowships are tenable in the CSIR research institutes and laboratories for a maximum period of four years. The fellowship   application forms are to be sent before the deadline. 

The CSIR and TWAS have together been providing fellowships for the foreign scholars from developing countries who wish to pursue research towards the PhD degree and postdoctoral research in the emerging trends of science and technology. The candidates require various facilities in the research laboratories and institutions to carry out research in the proposed research project which CSIR and TWAS are together arranging and helping out for the candidates. 

Scholarship provider

The fellowship is provided by the Council of Scientific and Industrial research (CSIR). The scholarships are to be taken up at India.  

Scholarship duration

The TWAS-CSIR postdoctoral fellowship programme is tenable in the CSIR based research institutes and laboratories for a minimum period of six months to a maximum of twelve months.   

Scholarship coverage

The TWAS-CSIR covers the candidate with the living costs, health insurance and food. The candidate selected will also be provided with subsidized accommodation. The scholarship amount or the stipend provided will not be convertible into foreign currency. 

Eligibility criteria

The candidate has to satisfy the blow given eligibility criteria for the above mentioned fellowship. 

1.       The applicant must be of a maximum age of 45 years on 31 December of the application year.
2.       The candidate should be from a developing country (other than India)
3.       The candidate must not hold a temporary or permanent visa for India or nay developing country.    
4.       The candidate should hold a PhD degree in a field of science or technology.
5.       The candidate should be currently and regularly employed in a developing country with a research assignment.
6.       The candidate should provide proficiency in English.
7.  The candidate must be CSIR laboratory/institution accepted and provide an official offer of acceptance.  

Application Process

The candidates are required to submit the acceptance letter from a recognised and CAPES listed institution to the CSIR and TWAS while applying to them. The application will not be accepted before the preliminary acceptance of the research proposal and admission. One of the referees should send the signed letters to the CSIR as email attachments directly. The letters can also be sent to the CSIR and TWAS in sealed envelopes. The applications for the postdoctoral fellowships should be sent to both the CSIR and TWAS by the candidate.    

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